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Alder Evo Mens 3/2

 Those kind people at Alder have given us a Evo, which on paper looks to be a great suit, at great value and it looks great too!

So how does it match up? Well the neoprene certainly has the X factor when it comes to being stretch! When putting the suit on it did feel tight to start with – often the super stretch does, but it wasn’t restrictive tight, and as soon as I hit the water I forgot all about it.

Being a top entry suit mean that water leakage through the neck / back should have been a thing of the past, and it certainly was. The first day I took the suit out was pretty messy, so there was a lot of duck diving and I had to take a number of waves on the head, but the suit held up well, and not once did I get flushed.

Having the aerocore thermal lining was also nice, English summers often dont really last very long, and I was out on a typically windy and wet summers day, but I was kept lovely and warm – not too hot, but just about right for me.

The cuffs and leg holes were also just right, not too tight, not too loose.

As a whole the suit felt very light, and its great to get back into nice light summer conditions where you dont feel like you are being weighed down by 5mm of neoprene like the winter.

Generally it looks a well made well put together suit. Alders wetsuits over the last few years have been getting better and better to the point now where there really isnt much difference between the Alder suits and the more expensive ones.

I really can’t fault this suit, and would definitely recommend it, we’ll keep the review updated with how it fairs over the summer in terms of wear, but if its anything like the suits of the past few years im sure it will wear just fine.

A+++ Another knockout suit at a knockout price!

Below you will find the Alder marketing blurb: 

Alder Evo Mens 3/2

Alder Evo Mens 3/2


Alder Evo Mens 3/2 Sam Boex

Alder Evo Mens 3/2 Sam Boex



If you haven’t tried the Evo, your missing out! No zip on the back means flexible manouvres are easy and using a new neoprene on the shoulder panels raises the bar yet again.

Features include:

100% “X” Stretch Neoprene

100% “Liquid Seal” on seams

“Aerocore” Thermal lining inside the torso

YKK Short chest zip

Unique Seal on the chest opening

Raw Cuffs with “Liquid Seal” strips inside

Pre compressed knee pads

Pre bent knee and arm construction

RRP £170!

Evo Logos

Evo Logos


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