We think that most of you have probably either seen the balancing board idea, or tried to make your own. It’s not a particularly new idea yet there seem only a handful of people actually manufacturing these boards.

On the previous page, they talk about improving your balance, your reaction time, and your movements by using the becaboard. We definitely found this to be the case. It’s probably the most addictive thing to have turned up at Sunset Surf for a long time, and it’s not being used by someone.

Not only is it very effective at improving your balance – literally within a few hours you will notice the improvement, but it’s also works key muscles which you use whilst surfing / skating / whatever. Particularly the thigh muscles. Because you can assume the crouched position whilst balancing, literally 15 – 30 minutes a day had made a big difference in the muscle strength to the team here and everyone commented on just how much you feel your muscles being worked after just a short amount of time.

Not only can you use the board for basic balancing, but you can also use it to practice tricks like walking to the nose – some what tricky mind! 180′s and as they say in the blurb the becaboard’s website is full of other tricks that you can attempt!

The build is excellent, the wood is extremely sturdy with stops either end to stop you from slipping of the base should you travel a little too far.

You can also fill the base with sand etc.. to slow the roll down – which is useful for practicing some more technical tricks.

The final point is on the price – I don’t know if it’s just us here, but we have seen similar balancing boards for what seems like a whole lot of money considering what you’re getting. The becaboard will set you back £49.99. I don’t know how much it costs to manufacture something like that, but I do know that it most likely doesn’t cost in excess of £100 although I’m open to be proved wrong!

Overall the becaboard is a pretty valuable weapon in the surfer’s arsenal – with the frequent flat patches we experience it’s an excellent way to keep your muscles and balance on top form and in the comfort of your own home. Highly recommended.






Press Release 

Balance tips in favour of UK surfers

Balance Boards are not a new concept. They have long been established as an essential piece of equipment for surfers in the UK because they allow the practice of balance, stance and tricks during the off season and in the home.

The recent addition to the balance board market, BecaBoard, is no exception. BecaBoard betters reaction time, improves strength and co-ordination while raising overall body awareness though the mastering of various movements, exercises and tricks .

There are however two things that make BecaBoard stand out from the crowd. The first is the price, at £49.99 it compares very favourably with other boards available on the market. The second is that it is designed and manufactured in the UK whereas many boards available are imported from elsewhere.

BecaBoard’s creator, Rebecca Hulme , explains “we are aware how expensive surfing equipment can be so we focused on delivering the highest quality product whilst keeping our pricing very competitive. We also felt it was important to create a product and brand that would support and promote industry here in the UK .”

BecaBoard is available online from at £49.99. The website also provides useful information including instructions on how to perform various tricks on the board.

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