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Billabong Odyssey DVD

“No special effects….. what you are about to see is real!” 

Billabong Odyssey

UK SMASH HIT COMES TO DVD January 31st 2005 – Double Disc Collectors Edition 



Its not one of those films that when you sit down to watch it, you have no idea what you are about to see…

It’s been pretty well marketed, and if like us you had / have seen the trailers, it certainly leaves you with a keen anticipation of the whole film.

Its relatively unusual for the majority of surf films to receive the amount of hype that Odyssey got, and whether you are a surfer or not, it raised interest in the sport.


So when we sat down to review it, we were pretty keen to see how it differs from the majority of surf films out today.

A lot of the films made today contain 90% of wild footage, and contain little narration or storyline, which we are not saying is bad. That’s where Odyssey is vastly different. It’s a story, a documentary, about a group that has a mission. That mission is to seek out and surf the worlds largest waves, wherever they maybe!


The footage is shot excellently, and it’s great to be able to get to see what goes on behind the scenes. The way that the guys train, all the safety issues they have to take into consideration. It’s also nice to see that they are all good friends and the joint search for big waves has overcome competitive ambitions.

The film itself contains some of the most incredible footage, the editing, the music and the sound effects that are used all create a great atmosphere to allow you to be engrossed into the film for the full length of it.

We are all surfers so we can only comment from that background, but there wasn’t many of us that watched it that didn’t come away thinking – “I wish I could do that!”

From the warm waters of Hawaii to Europe and America, the team cover a great deal of the sea, and they discover and surf some amazing spots. When the guys hit a spot and spend some time surfing a big wave location, the cinematography gets you in all the right places, and when the guys get wiped out, you are wincing for them!

If you are not a surfer and are just curious about what its like to surf some of the biggest waves on the planet, this film is for you. If you are a surfer and want to see some of the biggest waves on the planet surfed with style, skill and passion, this film is for you!

As for the footage of Teahupoo! You’ll just have to decide for yourself, crazy or plain insane!

Its one of those films that is certainly a must see, and if you can, a must to own as you are going to want to watch it time and again.

A Sunset Surf rated awesome film!


Press Release

Billabong Odyssey took the UK by storm, becoming one of the most talked about independent films of the year. Unusually for an independent, little known SURFING movie UK theatrical trailer
it captured the media¹s imagination, with everyone from Jonathan Ross to Richard and Judy raving about it! 
Huge media support and word of mouth means millions of people have heard of it, downloading images of Œthat wave¹ from the net. It¹s success on screen means it is now enjoying an extended national tour  but for many the release of the DVD is the first time they¹ll have access to some of the most breathtaking footage in cinema history. 
So why did Billabong Odyssey become a UK smash hit? With a screen average of £2,000 in its first weekend  Billabong performed well above many blockbusters in the UK box office top 10. Why? Because it¹s simply breathtaking, boasting the most astonishing opening sequences in the history of filmmaking, which you¹ll want to play again and again. And with the release of the DVD  you¹ll be able to. Watch it and understand why widescreens were invented. This three-year, globetrotting quest for the world¹s biggest wave is nothing less than spectacular. 
… 35 minute interview with Star  Mike Parsons, on being petrified, on Œthat wave¹, on the danger of big wave surfing and the loss of his best friend Mark Foo … 30 minute interview with director, Philip Boston  on the mentality and danger of directing the star of the film Œjaws¹ – 100 tonnes of water! … Interview with Bill Sharp, expedition leader of the search for the biggest wave in the world. … Bonus 2nd disk  in depth look of the history of big wave surfing documentary, with incredible footage only surpassed only by Billabong Odyssey. … 

A surfer is towed by jetski onto the tip of a rising wave, the camera pulls back and the wave begins to swell. As your eyes re-adjust to the change in scale, the camera pulls back further, and within seconds the wave has risen to a monstrous 70 ft  a thousand tons of moving liquid arching over the surfer¹s head. Accelerating up to 55 mph, he flies through the arc of rushing water in a race to pull clear before it collapses upon him. This is the beginning of Billabong Odyssey , an epic journey that brought together the greatest surfers in the world with just one goalŠ to surf the biggest wave in history, and live. 
Billabong Odyssey offers a breathtaking journey into the world of big-wave surfing. Forget everything you think you know about surf movies, this is a film that shatters pre-conceptions. Unrivalled in its abundance of jaw-dropping footage, the film is also a moving journey into the lives and psyches of the few surfers equipped to ride giant waves. A human tale of triumph and disaster, it has received accolades from critics and audiences alike. Billabong Odyssey culminates in the world tow-in championships at legendary break JAWS, off the coast of Hawaii. A final sequence that almost claims the life of one of the expedition¹s top surfers, it provides a nail biting climax to an utterly remarkable and completely unforgettable piece of filmmaking.  And as you watch the spectacular footage unfold, don¹t forget to keep reminding yourself, there are no special effectsŠ what you are about to see is real. 
Film festival award:    ”Prix du Public” [Public¹s Award] Festival International du Film de surf Certificate :            PG          Director:        Philip Boston     Film run time        87 mins     DVD extras :    65 mins approx Cast: Brad Gerlach, Brian L. Keaulana, Mike Parsons, Bill Sharp, Darryl Virostko, Darryl ‘Flea’ Virostko

“An Awe-inspiring film” FHM 
“A mesmerising, fearsome an exhilarating journey” Total Film ***** “Jaw dropping” The Guardian 
“Astonishing” Empire 

The Review

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