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Blue Horizon DVD

The Yin & Yang story of the 2 time world champion Andy Irons and 21st century soul surfer Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich. While Andy slays all challengers to his throne in the closest title race in history, Rastacharms the rest of us with his joyous worldly view and magical performances. When you’ve seen Blue Horizon you will know all you need to know about the current state of the surfing art. From the award winning film maker Jack McCoy.

The Review

Billabongs blue horizon showcases two of their sponsored riders. World ASP Tour champ Andy Irons and Free surfer Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich.

The film aims to show the different way of lives of the two characters who essentially both live to surf, but go about it in very different ways.

Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich is sponsored by Billabong ‘just to surf’. He is not a competition surfer although has been at the top in his past. Andy Irons is a sponsored team rider, and competes with great success in the world renowned ASP world tour, where he has and continues to have huge success.

The film follows the seemingly separate and different lives of the two surfers, there is a good amount of footage of Andy competing in the highly competitive ASP tour, and the film shows you the kind of pressure the pro surfers have to face, life is not an easy ride for a pro. Over a very short period of time we follow Andy going from break to break day after day competing at the top level.

On the contrast the film shows Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich and his life around his free surfing. He is able to live a much more paced life, and you get the impression that being able to ‘just surf’ makes for a pretty stress free life. Obviously he has responsibilities with Billabong to live up to and gets involved in a large amount of press shoots. He is often found at the major breaks when they are going off. Some stunning footage of both Dave and Andy at Teahupoo show how both surfers are extremely talented.

Often we only get to see the fame and fortune side to the ASP tour and surfing professionals, but Blue Horizon goes behind the scenes to show you the real stresses and strains that the Pro tour puts on a surfer. Andy however lives to compete and takes it all in his stride like a duck to the water. On the contrast ‘free’ surfers are not highlighted so much in the popular media due to the very nature of ‘free’ surfing. And it’s a welcome dream for many of us to peer into, a life where you are paid to surf!

The film was made by renowned surf filmmaker Jack McCoy – and there is no question as to the quality of the footages, the content or the soundtrack. Another great production.

It’s a film that shows you how life could be. How 2 seemingly different characters paths meet through a joint love for surfing.

A Sunset Surf recommended DVD. Definitely one to brighten up those rainy winter days!


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