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C-Skins 3.5mm Gloves


LQS Liquid Seam Technology – 100% dry sealed + durable seams
3.5mm Neoprene
Glued and Blindstitched construction
Shark skin palm print – Excellent grip
Optional velcro adjustable strap
I dont know anyone who “likes” to wear gloves during the winter, its a horrible transition from the lovely warm summer / autumn water, to the chilling water and wind of the winter, but unfortunatly if you want to surf all year round, its virtually a neccesity (Except perhaps for the well hard!)
These C-Skins are great, my last pair of gloves were also C-skins and they lasted me a number of winters, unfortunatly they only died because I caught my hand on a fin last winter and ripped them wide open!
They are super comfortable, I would recommend the velcro straps, which I found really helped to keep the water out, which in turn aids keeping your hands warm. The liquid seam technology is fantastic, and although obviously not dry gloves, they let very little water through. The shark skin palm is good for grip – not so good for your face though if you have to rub your nose or something, its a bit like sandpaper!
As with the winter boots we reviewed, having the warmest of gear for the winter makes such a difference, you can stay out for extended periods without getting too cold and in my opinion thats the name of the game, getting as much surfing in as possible!
Good gloves, Sunset surf approved!

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