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Cold Rush Review


 Cold rush review 

Cold Rush

Well, we had no preconceived ideas when we sat down to watch cold rush, which is probably a good thing. After the likes of Land of Saints, surf films for the UK surfer are becoming increasingly more popular, especially as they portray all the things that we have to put up with, cold weather, difficult walks to the breaks, unpredictable swell etc..

Cold rush continues on this UK surfing theme with its range of internationally recognised surfers as well as hardcore Scottish locals.

The film contains some quality down to earth raw surfing footage, which really puts you in Scotland. Everyone looks cold, yet no-one looks miserable – and to be honest you can see why when you see the footage of the non stop barrels and huge sets rolling in, one after the other.

The sound track suits the film perfectly, with a good range of music from a good range of bands – all credited on the DVD.

The DVD gets you reeling from the huge sucky hollow barrels, and the sheer fun the surfers are clearly having whilst being filmed. It’s also full of soul, brief footage of one surfer taking a mouthful of porridge sums it up with words like, “yeah people think we are mad, but it’s just the way it is init”. And if you are a surfer in the UK you can sympathise with that even if you don’t surf where it’s as cold as Scotland, we are rarely out of our wetsuits. Every time you catch sight of someone not in the water, they are wrapped up like its minus 2! And it probably was!

The film rings out, yeah it’s cold, but we are surfers, that’s what we do. Barrel after barrel, cover up after cover-up which must lead to a number of ice cream headaches! But they just keep coming; they keep busting the airs, and keep it all down to earth. One of the things we liked probably the most is the fact the footage is “almost” like a home movie. You really could have been there, it takes you in absorbs you like it was last years holiday vid.

All in all this is a must watch. With good bonus footage in warmer waters!

The Sunset Surf team fully enjoyed it, and will definitely be watching it time and time again. Sunset surf rated – must have!

Cold Rush press release information

Title: Cold Rush
Format: DVD
Running time: 50min
Release date: October 4th 2004

Surfers featured: Tom Curren, Joe Curren, Skip Frye, Andrew Kidman, Kassia Meador, 
Hans Hagen, Derek Hynd, Jesse Faen, Christian Beamish, Mike Meyer, 
Frankie Oberholtzer, Stevie Clelland, Chris Noble, Jason Duffy, 
Eugene Tollemarche.

Bands: Victims of Noise, This side up, The Brix, Elysium, OST, Quik

Music courtesy of: Redtempa.com, Billy Nomates promotions

Retail price: £19.99

Available from: www.liquidproductions.co.uk and in all good surf shops

Trade enquires contact: mark@liquidproductions.co.uk 

Filmed by Mark Lumsden over a period of three years Cold Rush is an expression of surfing in the frigid waters of northern Scotland. Featuring legendary surfers like Tom Curran and Skip Frye riding alongside top uk riders Eugene Tollemache and Chris Noble.


The film showcases the best of Scottish surf and features never before seen footage of the American and Australian pros surfing at some of Scotland’s most remote and challenging waves. 
Local boy Chris Noble puts in a great performance at one of Europe’s premier surfspots, of which he is lucky enough to call home and clocks up some great barrel time.
The action is complimented by a great soundtrack by the likes of up-and-coming bands The Brix and This SideUp.
The DVD also features a bonus track of the Resin8 team trip to the Mentawai islands during September 2003.

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