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Driven Surf DVD Review


Driven DVD

Ireland is hot at the moment for surfing in all its various forms, but especially hot is the big wave scene over there.

Driven takes an in depth documentary approach to the Journey two guys take on the way to big wave surfing. Both the surfers involved, Alastair Mennie and Andrew Cotton are experienced surfers and decide to pit their skills against something new – Irelands big wave scene.

Its a great documentary too, it really gave us the personal feel, like we were there on the journey with Mennie and Cotty. Its a warts and all film, showing the guys at their best and their not so best, which is what makes the film all the better. All too often surf films only showcase the best talent, surfing flawless waves, and with only a wipeout or too thrown in for amusement. Driven takes you on the full journey, the days when the surf is rubbish, but they go out anyway, when things go wrong and how the guys deal with ever changing unreliable elements that create the wonderfull sport we all love.

The filming and music on the film is also great, Mr B has been banging out some really good productions recently (watch out for reviews of substance and performing monkeys coming shortly) the filming is certainly up to the standard that we all have come to expect from modern surf films yet maintains that feel that you are almost there – I find the gloss on some surf films prevent you from really feeling part of the action.

Bottom line, a top draw production, and as the press release below says – whether you are a surfer or not, this is a great documentary about an incredibly fast growing extreme sport!

Sunset Surf Approved A*

Press Release:

‘Driven’ is one of the most exciting and interesting surfing stories ever to come out of Britain and Ireland and will fascinate surfers and non-surfers alike. Focusing on 2 experienced surfers Alastair Mennie and Andrew Cotton as they come together to tackle the giant waves of Ireland’s West coast, which in the last couple of years has been exposed as legitimate big wave surfing territory on a world scale. The film follows the 2 surfers through all their highs & lows from their first experiences as a tow team, training sessions, big waves: both ‘tow’ and ‘paddle in’, one of the most incredible wipeouts in world surfing and many huge wave sessions since. Experience the work, preparation, motivation and total commitment it takes to surf big waves in Ireland.
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