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Frostfire moonbag

What we think about the Moonbag
Perhaps I am just fussy but getting changed is the worst part of surfing, its part and parcel of surfing so you just accept it. But what if something comes along that makes that part better, easier, more comfortable? Would you go for it?
Well the Moonbag is the man for the job! Like most of you, I spend most of my time changing in some stony car park, or rocky or sandy location, and it’s a pain in the B-hind trying to hop around without stubbing your toes and getting your clothes wet or muddy! When we tried the Moonbag, it’s like putting on shoes after walking over rocks! It was sooo nice to be able to change on a semi padded surface that’s specifically designed for the job.
For those who haven’t seen a Moonbag, the best way I can describe it is a small board bag! Except not for bags…. for wetsuits! But it’s more than just a pad to change on; you get changed on it – in comfort! Then just leave your wetsuit, boots etc where they are and just zip it up – it becomes a wetsuit bag!
You don’t “need” a Moonbag, but considering its got proper handles and therefore can be used to carry your wetsuit both before and after the surf, and is also designed for being stood on whilst your getting changed. It makes the whole getting change process just that little bit quicker, as well as more comfortable, and when you’re getting changed in that nasty northerly wind, every second counts!
Our verdict – a must have. I can imagine “hardcore” surfers saying “…I don’t need anything to change on…” and true you don’t but then you don’t need lots of things – the Moonbag is a creature comfort and we reckon its well worth the money!

The Moonbag is a patent pending bag designed for easy changing from wet and dry clothes. When unzipped, the bag becomes a mat and is laid down on the ground while you change, once changed; you leave your wet clothes on the mat and zip it up to create the bag.
Tired of changing in mud, gravel, oil of water? The Moonbag allows you to change on a dry surface. Once changed you can keep your wet clothes in the bag.

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Anyone who changes from wet clothes to dry clothes benefits from the Moonbag. Due to the Moonbag’s durable and waterproof materials it is particularly popular with surfers, windsurfers, divers, water skiers, jet skiers and campers.

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