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Lockjaw surfboard protection system

What they say about it….
If you leave your surfboard unattended or on a roof rack unprotected, there is strong possibility that someone is going to rip it off- its a sad fact off life. So when we would rather be checking out the waves or grabbing a bite to eat we have to remain on guard over the sticks…well no more thanks to lockjaw.


This surfboard lock is probably the best on the market in terms of cost, flexibility and quality of construction*. It provides security and more importantly peace of mind for both longboards and shortboards alike and works with all surfboards fitted with standard fin boxes and fin plugs.

The lock construction is anodised aluminium, supplied with a PVC plastic coated 6mm width, 2m length, stainless steel marine cable lanyard, so it isn’t going to rust. The steel marine cable is used in shipping and has a massive breaking strain, so its going to hold your surfboard! A determined thief can and will steal almost anything, but this product is a major deterrent and will stop the opportunist from making off with your prized possession. 




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