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O’Neill Psycho II Mens 5/4/3 wetsuit Review

ONeill Psycho II 5/4/3 wetsuit

O'Neill Psycho II 5/4/3 wetsuit

The Psycho II has a lot of hype around it. O’Neill wetsuits are widely regarded as extremely good suits, and the Psycho II being their flagship suit ought to mean its a very good suit. When it arrived we were initially very impressed, it really does look the buisness and O’Neill have gone to good lengths to make sure the Psycho II has features to hold it up at the top end of the market. So how did it perform.
Out the water.
The Psycho II is really flexible, and having the dual liquid seams both on the inside and on the outside gives you the impression that its going to keep the water out. Its a back zip entry suit, with a internal back-up rash vest system which is nice and substantial. Its also pretty easy to put on. The only slightly irritating part is due to the amount of velcro on the suit, around the neck area when trying to put the suit on, you find the velcro sticking to every part of the suit! Its only a minor complaint, but in the freezing cold it might be more of a problem. Having said that. how you resolve that issue we are not sure as you need good velcro to make sure the neck area sticks up well.
In the water.
Once on the shape of the suit makes it a really good fit. One area that suits can vary immensly is the buttocks! The Psycho II is probably the best fitting suit around this area we have tried which keeps you really warm. The suit feels like a summer suit in terms of flexability and you can move around with very little restriction. Having the dual liquid seams means you get pretty much no water through the seams, and the back-up internal rash vest system also keeps the water out the top end even when duck diving or wiping out! Having the fleecey lining on the chest also keeps you nice and toasty. The back-up vest makes things a little tight around the neck, but that could be attributed to size and fit. The ankles and writs cuffs are a good fit and dont let any water in the arms or legs of any import.
Back out the water.
Getting the suit off is no problem, as its so stretchy with the super stretch neoprene it slides off nice and easily, and because it lets virtually no water in when your in the water, you are nearly dry when you get it off already, which when your in a bit of a wind is a real comfort as it saves the getting changed chill factor!
The suit does live up to its hype to be honest. Its not a particularly cheap suit, but it is built well, and O’Neill have concentrated on important areas to keep the suit performing well, such as the double liquid seams. The suit is not as thick once on as you might hope, and realistically with the stretch you are only getting maybe 4mm instead of 5mm, but the fit, the seams and the anti-flush system serves to counter act this which is probably why the suit is so flexible and still nice and warm.
Press Release
Always pushing for perfection the Psycho II is the overachiever in the O’Neill line up.

Exclusive Stitch less Double Fluid Seam Weld continues to define this series.
Reduced seams and Ultraflex DS for increased performance.
A newly modified Z.E.N. Zip with the Barrier-2 includes an interlock neck seal that pulls over your head creating a flawless, flush free seal.
Also available with the new CODE RED 3-Q Blackout Zip.
100% waterproof stitch less seams creates insane flexibility.
An O’Neill Exclusive!
Comfortable smooth skin necks keeps you rash free and dry
A chest & back thermal lining wicks away moisture keeping you warm
Now includes a pullover internal neck seal – The Barrier 2
Warm, flexible & durable high performance neoprene.
Double Fluid Seam Weld is a revolutionary new stichless seam construction that utilizes a non-chafing high grade, silicon-based urethane applied in liquid form to the backside and front side of a glued seam, completely blocking out water without restricting flexibility.
This new stitch less seam technology, combined with our multi-composite
super-stretch neoprene’s make this the most flexible fully sealed suit, O’Neill has ever designed.
RRP for the 5/3mm: £249.95 / €369.00
Web: www.oneill.com
Tell: +44 (0) 1730 811460
Fax: +44 (0) 1730 816302
Email: wetsuits.uk@oneill.com

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