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Sea Fever DVD Review

Sea Fever Review

Sea Fever

Its always a pleasure to review DVD’s, and Sea Fever was no different. We usually get some of the guys round pop open a couple of drinks, and sit back and enjoy.

The emerald isles have always held a fasination for me, the seemingly endless variety of waves make it a real treaure – something for everyone!

Sea Fever comes from a number of angles, one is the old timers, who have been surfing in Ireland since the 60′s, the interviews show you how things used to be, and especially the limited equipment that they had access too, perhaps something we take for granted in this modern era. It does however highlight their dedication and love for the sport, and also the fact that surfing is for everyone, often on DVD’s and TV you only see the latest showcases of young talent, but they old boys are still chargin too!

You also get taken into the world of Irish big wave surfing, which is something that is on the up, and so it should be, whilst the water may not be warm, the quality of big waves is certainly there, and the atmosphere that the DVD creates around Aileens, is great. On one hand you have the massive angry swell pushing in big waves, and on the other hand you have the cliffs! No way out!

Full respect to the local chargers, who make it seem and look easy, although we were in no doubt that its certainly not as easy as they make it look – as was highlighted on the DVD, if you don’t know what you are doing, it could be life or death.

Living in the UK, whilst its nice to watch surf DVD’s showcasing the best waves from around the globe, we always enjoy local films. Part of surfing in the UK is enduring the weather and the often very changeable conditions, and Sea Fever highlights this, but also reminds you of why we love it so much.

All in all its definitely one to watch, especially considering its Ken’s first production. We look forward to seeing his next installment, which given that Irish big wave surfing is forcing its way onto the global big wave scene, is hopefully sure to ensue..

Sunset Surf stamp of approval.

Press Release

Sea Fever – Filmed over the course of two years to capture the mood of Irish surfing throughout the seasons.

Sea Fever is an insight film into the surf culture that has developed in Ireland over the last forty years. With dramatic footage from Ireland’s giant wave ‘Aileens’ (Aill na Searrach) at the 700 feet Cliffs of Moher and close-up interviews with the troubadour surfers that brave these 40 – 50 foot waves to Kevin Cavey and the early pioneers of the 1960s & 70s with their rudimentary equipment and spirit of adventure, Sea Fever sets out to capture the character and craic of Irish surfing.

Sea Fever is Ken O’Sullivan’s first production

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