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State of Play Surf DVD Review

Another great film to come out of the UK’s surf scene.

State of Play

We just love Uk Surf films – you may get that impression from our UK film reviews! But its true, and whilst we are obviously a bit bias, if you are british, there is something about seing your local breaks, your local weather, the atmosphere captured on film for you to re-live.


State of Play follows on from the good run of British surf films, most of its filmed in the UK with some additional scences from abroad.


The longboarding is great, very progressive but a nice mix of traditional and new school. The bigger wave footage at Croyde is great. What some of us wouldnt dare do on a shortboard, the guys are making look simple on longboards! Great noseriding and footwork from some of the UK’s unsung hero’s of the scene.


It features good footage, the filmings done well, with our only complaint some slightly dodgy music in the abroad scenes, but then i guess some of that is personal taste! Perks of doing the review ;-)


All in all another cracking UK Surf film, we are bias, but then with films this good we really dont need to be :-)


Stamped with the Sunset Surf seal of approval. Well worth a buy.


As with everything these days, you can view a trailer on youtube… see below


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