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Super Slide DVD Review

Super slide Review

Super Slide

A Classic look at longboarding and its history. We love this film, some really great old footage of some of the legends and pioneers of surf.

Its got it all when it comes to longboarding DVD’s, footage of baby ripples being nose ridden, and footage of monsters being nose ridden! Its shot well too, you get to really focus on the foot work of some of the worlds best loggers, there is lots of interviews talking about the progression of early day longboarding to modernday longboarding and what the differences and benefits have been.

Its a good educational film too, as it highlights what the pros are doing with their feet, their techniques etc… which can help you to fine tune your own technique.

To sum up, a classic, well worth a watch.

Press Release

Catch a wave! Super Slide explores the history of classic longboard-style surfing, with plenty of remarkable archival footage, as well as a look at Joel Tudor, a world champion surfer who has inspired a revival of this old-school style. With this video, you will never be called a ho-dad again.

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