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The Elusive Surf DVD

The elusive story;


11 months, 25,000 miles, a cold winter, hot summer and more waves the you can shake your stick at .(nob). A lone film makers blinkered mission around the coasts of England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

‘I never arranged to meet anyone, just turned up when the chart looked good and filmed whoever was there at the time.’

The results was a big range of hidden talent and breaks, local characters, visitors, pros on photo shoots, die hard van people (we salute you) and some truly world blass waves.

2ft chop to 25ft tow. the elusive

The Review

What makes a great surf film? Is it the pro’s featured in it? Is it massive hawaian waves? Different people obviously have different ideas, but one thing that certainly can make a surf DVD is the soundtrack.

The elusive takes you on a journey, by its simplistic use of a toy car and a map, your are always waiting to see where the van stops and where you are going to visit next!

The filming is first class, and the content matches. It may not be the ASP world tour professionals, but then if you live in England, Ireland, Wales or Scotland then you just might not want to see that all the time.

Its so refreshing to see a film that combines the best local talent with the best local breaks. You can get right into the film as the breaks all look familiar. From the slop to the huge monsters, the personalitys to the unknown surfers it all seems familiar, like you could be out surfing with anyone of the guys filmed at anytime and at anyone of the breaks. The talent that is out there, going on un-noticed is a great testomony to our small Islands.

The music matches the atmosphere of the film sublimely, helping you on your way through the journey, and it really is the icing on an already tasty cake.

The Sunset surf team all loved the film. When the surf is flat, blown out or just not happening, its a great one to put on to remind you what we love about the UK and not forgetting Southern Ireland. The fickleness of our breaks, the swell, and the down right cold we have to endure, its all brought out in the elusive.

If you live in the UK or southern Ireland, then like us, you will want to get up and explore the gems that we have on our coastlines. Its all there just waiting for you..!

The bonus 70′s footage is also class, showing us that the pioneers were tearing it up way back then, just like surfers today.

A Sunset surf approved, definite addition to your DVD collection.

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