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Surfing Euskadi Offers 1000€ to ASP Pro Junior Best Performer in Basque Country

Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Europe

Surfing Euskadi Offers 1000€ to ASP Pro Junior Best Performer in Basque Country

Image caption: Mario Azurza (Zarautz, EUK), one the Basque Country’s best Junior surfers who will be a contender for the additional prizemoney on offer thanks to Surfing Euskadi [Photo credit: Aquashot/aspeurope.com]

CAPBRETON, France (Monday, July 19, 2010) – While Europe’s best Under-21 professional surfers are preparing for their return to competition at the ASP Grade-1 Oakley Pro Junior San Sebastian (July 22-25, 2010), Sufing Euskadi, the Basque Country’s surfing development authority, has officially announced an additional prize to go to the best performer over the two ASP sanctioned Pro Junior events taking place consecutively in San Sebastian and Sopelana (July 29-Aug. 1, 2010).

Looking to attract Europe’s best surfing talents as well as a pool of international athletes to the famous surf locations of San Sebastian and Sopelana, Surfing Euskadi steps up to promote professional surfing and deliver an attractive bonus making both ASP Grade-1 Pro junior contests a must-go.

“It is a main goal for us to support surfing and attract the world’s best up-and-coming surfers to the beaches of the Basque Country,” Basque Agency of Tourism representative said.

Focused on the development of Euskadi as a premiere surf destination for the world’s best surfers, Surfing Euskadi works closely with the surfing industry to promote the sport and support the improvement of its most promising talented athletes.

Hosting several ASP sanctioned events including the Oakley Pro Junior San Sebastian and the Sopelana Pro Junior, the Basque Country remains an active supporter in the development of professional surfing in Europe.

“The Basque Country is one of the best destinations on tour,” ASP Europe Regional Manager Greg Puget said. “This added prizemoney for the best performer in the next two ASP Pro Junior events is great news for our athletes who commit 100% in pursuing their career and hopefully reach the elite ASP World Tour as Basque leader Aritz Aranburu (Zarautz, EUK) has done the past two years.”

2010 ASP Pro Junior Sanctioned Events in Euskadi
July 22 to 25, ASP Grade-1 Men and Women’s Oakley Pro Junior San Sebastian, San Sebastian – Euskadi/Basque Country
July 29 to August 1, ASP Grade-1 men and Women’s Sopelana Pro Junior, Sopelana – Euskadi/Basque Country

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