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Real wiings

Real Wiings

July 13th, 2010 No comments

Well, to be honest when we first encountered real wiiings I was keen on the concept. Paddling might be seen as the laborious part of surfing, a necessary evil, but the better you can paddle the better you can put yourselves into the waves – and the quicker you can get yourself out to the line up.
Paddle power requires fitness, the more you paddle, and the faster you want to paddle, the fitter you need to be. Paddle power is also tricky to build up by doing anything other than paddling – swimming helps but nothing is quite as effective as paddling.
With all that in mind then, the idea of an add-on that assists your paddling power seems like a good thing, so how do they work in the water?
Getting them on can be quite tricky for the first time! ( I would definitely recommend getting them set up ready to go before you reach the break ) However once they are on, they are comfortable and you don’t really notice them, until you hit the water that is!
Once in the water, you can immediately feel the pressure on your forearms from the resistance the real wiiings are creating, the harder you paddle the more resistance you can feel – because the real wiiings grip your wetsuit well, it’s almost like the feeling you get from a Chinese burn – but not in a painful way!
Its actually really hard to tell whether they enhance your paddling power or not because you don’t have a speedo on your surfboard, getting some kind of bench mark proves nearly impossible for you and I – obviously the guys at real wiiings have done their research and the figures that they come up with should be accurate – although I’m not sure how they came up with 70% increase in paddle power.
That said, logic dictates that they must be making a difference – if you can feel the resistance on your forearms, then they must be doing the job.
I noticed that you can really feel your shoulder and arm muscles working when you paddle with the real wiiings on, and I would certainly wear them whilst surf training because they are only going to build your muscles up and increase your overall fitness.
Bottom line – great idea, if you are like me and have quite a slow but rhythmic paddling pace then they should help you get into more waves and get out to the line up quicker. For improving your fitness they would also work well, conditioning your muscles when worn either paddling in flat conditions or even when surf training in the swimming pool.
I personally think they make a difference – I have no facts or figures to back that up other than my own experience with them, and with a list of well known professional surfers putting their names to the product that also adds credibility.
So give them a try! At £22.99 even if you decide they aren’t for you when you are surfing, they are a great surf training aid, so you can’t loose!

What Real wiiings say about them…..
More waves is what every surfer dreams of!
Faster paddle out!
Get into the barrel faster!
No more standing on the shore not being able to get out!
Get out of the churn quicker!
Beginners get onto the face!
Longboarders reach incredible speed!
Easier paddling in the Rip or against the current!
Groms if you don’t have Wiiings its game over!
Time to Fly!
With RealWiiings surfers get a faster paddle out using less effort to get into the surf quicker and make Rips and currents more manageable. Longboarders can reach incredible speeds and beginners will get onto the face with less paddle.
Approved for use in competition, a number of pro surfers worldwide admit that with RealWiiings they become a much better machine in the water.
Word class surfer, Kevin Todd, comments, ‘they work sooooo well. My first session was on a longboard; I caught every wave I paddled for. Then I challenged one of the surfers ten years younger than me to a paddle race and smoked him so bad that he asked me if he could borrow them when he got out of the water. Today I surfed my 5’8’’ twin finfish and they worked unreal again. Espo, you’re a bloody genius!’
Attach RealWiiings micro wings to your wrist. Use the adjustable neoprene strap, designed for ultimate comfort and stability, and pack a punch in the waves whilst paddling. RealWiiings are made of super lightweight floatable Polyurethane to increase paddle power by up to 70% and improve balance in the water. Available in a wide range of colours, including the most popular, original black, each pair comes in its own drawstring net bag, little more that the size of a sunglasses case.
RealWiings are available in the UK from at £22.99 plus p&p and will shortly be available from surf shops around the country.

Stikup surfboard display system

June 19th, 2009 No comments

Well, I guess for many surfers, the idea of having something to stick your board on the wall is possibly a bit of an odd idea.
If you’re anything like us, the boards unfortunately tend to get stuck where ever there is a spare space. The plus side to this is that you don’t have to pay anything for the space. The down side is if you don’t have a lot of space the board is likely to get stuck somewhere it could get knocked, bashed and dinged…
I’ve always managed to keep my board mostly ding free at home, but its more by luck than judgement I have to say. When we found out about the stikup system we thought it was quite a good idea, but not sure if it was worth the £35.25. The idea behind the stikup is that it’s simple to install, simple to use, and can save you hassle having to repair dings
In the stikup kit you get the following,
2 sculpted alloy beans
2 Neoprene straps or Clear with D-rings
4 stainless steel screws
1 fin/wall protector
The straps are beefy and they are not likely to break, so nothing to worry about there. The system is designed to stick the board on the wall almost any manner you please. On the ceiling, horizontally on the wall, vertically on the wall, even diagonally. Consider that boards are relatively light, and the screws and beans installed using the correct rawl plugs and fixings are well strong enough to hold even the largest long board.
We put our test stikup system on an ordinary plasterboard wall, using just plasterboard rawl plugs and it’s not going anywhere, its solid as a rock.
It probably took about 30 minutes for us to stick on the wall (some of you more adept DIY or tradesmen will most likely have it up in 5!)
Once it’s on the wall, getting your board into it is another matter – the straps are Velcro and the idea is you put your board by the beans, and use the straps to tighten the board so it’s solid. Easier said than done! Unless you have 3 hands! The trouble is you have to balance your board on the wall with one hand, and try to tighten the straps and Velcro them with the other, which unfortunately is a slightly tricky process, by no means impossible though. The way we found the most effective is once you have the board in the system – when you need to take the board out for a surf, leave one of the straps done up and slide the board out, that way its much easier to put back in when your finished.
Another great thing about the stikup system is your board gets the top spot on your wall or ceiling, which if you like looking at your board is a good thing. However this I think is probably where the stikup is at its most useful. Yes its a great way to have your board stashed when your not surfing, but with the fins on, the board does obviously stick out the depth of the fins, and depending on where you put your stikup system it may well be in the way more than out the way. We think that the stikup is going to be a good idea for those old boards you might have, or the board you don’t use so often. Which does follow why Jon decided to come up with the stikup system.
Our overall verdict…
It’s a good idea as it’s a fact that most dings on surf boards happen out the water, either on the way to the surf or being moved about in the house. For an active surf board we think it might just end up being a bit of a hassle especially if you’re in the water everyday. However for the occasional surfer or the surfer with a number of special boards where once in the stikup system they aren’t coming out often the stikup is ideal.
Is it worth the money? Well depending on how you fit into the above, depends really on whether it’s worth the money or not. Solarez is not cheap and it’s a bit of a weigh up job whether to spend the money on the stikup or to be prepared to buy a bit of Solarez or other now and again.
We like it, and we like to see our boards on display. And thats really what its all about.

Press Release
According to Stikup….
Easy to use surfboard display system
Place your stick against the wall in a vertical or horizontal position
wrap the strap around to fit snugly to your stick
Place the wall protector to the fin that has contact with the wall
If there’s not enough space on your walls you can hang it from the
ceiling position. Also suitable for snow, sail, kite, wake and skateboards.
Every element is cared for in the same way you care about your stick
Each bean is solid cast alloy and is tumbled for hours and hours to give
the desired finish, not a dissimilar process to going through a heavy shore break
Clear straps with D-rings for those most prized possessions or our
Neoprene lined straps, so your precious stick has something soft to slip into.

 How the stikup system came about.
I started surfing back in the early seventies and my passion for surfing as a way of life
to this day hasn’t diminished.
Travelling to most corners of the globe over the years I collected boards on the way.
In the early years when you just had enough dosh to buy a new stick there was never enough
for a full suit! wearing a 3mm shortie, boots held on with insulation tape, marigolds for gloves,
a thick coating of deep heat all over and a half bottle of the cheapest whisky between two surf
mates was the order most winter days when it was going off at Crantock.
Since then every board I’ve brought I’ve kept, because it holds memories of certain days or trips
and the way that the design of surfboards have evolved over the years.
Being a designer and not happy with my boards hidden away so they don’t get dinged, I regard boards
as works of art and needed them around when I wasn’t by the coast.
Trying to find a display system for my boards so I could display them around my house was impossible,
anything aesthetically pleasing just didn’t exist.
I set about designing one for myself, with functionality and the aesthetics of equal importance.
A display system that could accommodate all board sizes and styles as well as horizontal, vertical
or even on the ceiling, it should be a piece of art just like all prized sticks.
Jon Taylor

Frostfire moonbag

June 19th, 2009 No comments

What we think about the Moonbag
Perhaps I am just fussy but getting changed is the worst part of surfing, its part and parcel of surfing so you just accept it. But what if something comes along that makes that part better, easier, more comfortable? Would you go for it?
Well the Moonbag is the man for the job! Like most of you, I spend most of my time changing in some stony car park, or rocky or sandy location, and it’s a pain in the B-hind trying to hop around without stubbing your toes and getting your clothes wet or muddy! When we tried the Moonbag, it’s like putting on shoes after walking over rocks! It was sooo nice to be able to change on a semi padded surface that’s specifically designed for the job.
For those who haven’t seen a Moonbag, the best way I can describe it is a small board bag! Except not for bags…. for wetsuits! But it’s more than just a pad to change on; you get changed on it – in comfort! Then just leave your wetsuit, boots etc where they are and just zip it up – it becomes a wetsuit bag!
You don’t “need” a Moonbag, but considering its got proper handles and therefore can be used to carry your wetsuit both before and after the surf, and is also designed for being stood on whilst your getting changed. It makes the whole getting change process just that little bit quicker, as well as more comfortable, and when you’re getting changed in that nasty northerly wind, every second counts!
Our verdict – a must have. I can imagine “hardcore” surfers saying “…I don’t need anything to change on…” and true you don’t but then you don’t need lots of things – the Moonbag is a creature comfort and we reckon its well worth the money!

The Moonbag is a patent pending bag designed for easy changing from wet and dry clothes. When unzipped, the bag becomes a mat and is laid down on the ground while you change, once changed; you leave your wet clothes on the mat and zip it up to create the bag.
Tired of changing in mud, gravel, oil of water? The Moonbag allows you to change on a dry surface. Once changed you can keep your wet clothes in the bag.

Press Release 




Anyone who changes from wet clothes to dry clothes benefits from the Moonbag. Due to the Moonbag’s durable and waterproof materials it is particularly popular with surfers, windsurfers, divers, water skiers, jet skiers and campers.