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21 Days later – Mentawais – Mr B Productions DVD review

September 1st, 2009 No comments

Another Mr B special.

21 Days Later - Mentawais

’21 Days Later – Mentawais’ follows seven of Britain and Ireland’s finest surfers on a three week boat trip around the Mentawai Islands off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, home to some of the most perfect waves in the world! Featuring some incredible sessions at a variety of epic spots such as Macaronis, HTs, E-Bay, Lances Left, Pit Stops, Bank Vaults and more. Learn about the spots and share the surfers experience as they embark on the trip of a lifetime.

“I think it’s every surfers dream, isn’t it, to spend 3 weeks on a boat with perfect waves, good friends, good times…I didn’t want to go home” - Alan Stokes.

Featuring Reubyn Ash, Lee Bartlett, Easkey Britton, Robyn Davies, Sam Lamiroy, Mike Morgan and Alan Stokes. Also including a host of international professional surfers we met along the way.

This trip was organised by photographer Roger Sharp of Slide Magazine, which is now online at:

Check out our gallery for 21 days later also here.

We always like Mr B’s productions, they are down to earth and featuring “local” talent always makes for an appealing film. The familiar accents, the common way of relaxing and chilling out all strike a chord and seem a long way from some of the surf super stars where they seem to be rich beyond belief but without the soul.

The result is the film 21 Days later – Mentawais takes you away almost on an autobiographical holiday. As with all Mr B’s films they are wave packed. Rather than have seperate scenes for interviews and surfers comments, its dubbed over the action, so you get the best of both worlds – you get to hear what the guys think about a spot, whist watching them or one of the others surf it.

As always the footage is well shot, and the camera person (can’t be sexist) gets in a good position to really help you capture the feel for the waves, the perfectness of them, and also the risk to skin on the nasty looking shallow reefs.

Whilst the perfect, seemingly endless waves of the mentawais seem a million miles away from windy september swells in the UK / Ireland its great to showcase the talent that our Islands produce and to show that in really great conditions these guys are ripping it up with the best in the world.

So to sum up.

With this film you get to see a load of great UK / Irish surfers – both male and female, living the dream! Spending 3 weeks in world class surf, ripping up it. The film is a veritable wave fest, I dont know exactly how many shots there are but there is lots and lots :-)
Its another one of those films that by the end of it you feel like you are there on the trip with them.. and then when you realise you are not, its time to start saving!

Well done Mr B, Another diamond job, keep them coming :-)

Sunset Surf A++ Approved.


Available from: or

One California Day Surf DVD Review

June 28th, 2009 No comments
One California Day

One California Day

What can I say, this  is a legendary surf film!

I remember when I first saw an advert for the film in The Surfers Path, and I remember thinking that it looked like it might be a good film. Well it was a good film, in fact it was  a great film. But why?

Well for a start its ram packed with legends. The likes of Joel Tudor, Alex Knost, the Malloys, Taylor and many many more, including cameos from Greg Knoll, Skip Frye, Tom Curren etc.. Whilst a film containing just great surfers is reasonably sure to be at the least a good film, its not just the surfers and guests in this film that make it great.

The film runs you down the Californian coast, taking to you to some of the great breaks and beaches including San Diego, Long Beach, Santa Babera, Santa Cruz etc.. and some not quite so well know breaks too. California has such a rich and diverse surf history, shaping many of the great surfers today, and providing the rich history of some of historys greatest surfers and icons.

It combines a tour of california, with a history lesson taking you into the past of surfing styles, board shaping and the culture of California throughout the 50′s, 60′s and onwards. One California Day has a fantastic pace about it that makes it one of those immersing films that you just can’t stop watching, but at the same time makes you want to just go and immediately surf!

Definitely one for the shelf or film repository, and whilst I could go on and on, all that is left to say really, is that this is just one fantastic film, featuring a brilliantly put together soundtrack, which is half the battle of creating a good film.

Absolutely no problems giving this film an A+, recommended watching anytime and time and time again.

Want to watch it now? Well then do it! This film is available through our surf film partner, click the image below to buy and immediatly download to iTunes in high resolution! What more could you want!

One California Day

One California Day

One California Day

Build Worldwide
© 2007 One California Day, LLC
Released: 2007
Running time: 96:00
File size: 1.10 GB
Format: Widescreen

Substance Surf DVD Review

June 19th, 2009 No comments

You should buy this DVD if you can say yes to any of the following

a)      You like surfing

b)      You like Action packed surf DVD’s

c)       You like surfing and Action packed surf DVD’s

d)      You are human!
Mr B has yet again brought to our screens action packed, and I mean action packed footage from around our local shores.


Featuring probably 50 plus different surfers, there is hardly a scene without some great manouvers, wicked airs, and generally awesome wave trickery!


What makes this DVD different from all the rest?


Well for a start its great to see so many great local surfers at their peak in local waves, whilst the waves are not always the picture perfect waves you often see frequenting popular surf magazines, there are some cracking scenes with waves that you would argue are some of the best in the world – certainly not melancholy!


The DVD features Big waves, bigger waves! And also realistic size waves for the more human of us!


A cool feature on this DVD is the little text snippets that you get in each section, pointing out the name of the surfer in that section and also usefull / less facts about them or the scene. Little speech bubble with arrows, ive not seen that on a surf film before and it made me smile.


There are some classic action scenes featuring some heavy and hollow looking waves, breaking on lovely slabs around the coast, there really is plenty of talent in this film, and in England and Ireland and Mr B seems to tracked it all down J


I think this DVD also boast the largest and knarlyest wipeout section I have seen on a surf DVD, probably a full 5 minutes long with some really nasty looking wipeouts to make you wince and laugh at the same time.


The quality of the filming is great, and you get the atmosphere of the locations transmitted through the TV through realistic lighting and great quality film, its another one that makes you feel like you could be there watching in person rather than on TV.


As with all great surf films its got great music to boot, all seamlessly edited in with the action.


If you are not human, you might not like this DVD, otherwise, get it bought!


As with Mr B’s other films we loved it, its just is a great showcase of the waves and talent that could be just at your doorstep.


Def init ely Sunset Surf approved filmage! Buy it now!







Press Release:


Mr B Productions and Wavelength Magazine bring you a new level in British and Irish surfing. Shot entirely in Britain and Ireland, Substance features some of the best waves and best surfing ever captured around the British Isles. Perfect Waves, Epic Sessions, Incredible Surfing, ALL AT HOME!


Length – 58 minutes Bonus – over 40 minutes of Bonus Features – comes in special edition DVD case with booklet.