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Tiki TK60 4/3 GBS S/Seal Flow Steamer Wetsuit Review

Tiki TK60 4/3 GBS S/Seal Flow Steamer Wetsuit Review

June 19th, 2009 No comments


TK60  I write this review, wondering how many people actually bother with 4/3 suits… there is a host of reasons why we might not go for a 4/3 – finances for one – not everyone can afford 3 suits. Some people just hold onto the winter suit for that little bit longer and then jump straight into the summer suit, but whatever your reason, a 4/3 is another arrow to your quiver so to speak.

It may actually be cost effective also – i mean its got the potential to reduce the use of your other 2 suits by about 1/3rd depending on how often and when you surf.

So how does this suit stand up to the requirements? What are the requirements? Well its got to be somewhere in between a winter and a summer suit obviously, warm, but not too restrictive, comfortable, durable with all the features of the winter suits.

Well the TK60 meets all those. To look at its a lovely looking suit, its liquid seamed throughout (and they haven’t skimt either as some have been tempted to do), with an anti-flush system, elasticated cuffs, and a host of other features as detailed in the previous page. Its a super stretch neoprene suit which means as we ALWAYS try to emphasize; size / fit is crucial to get the best out of the suit.

The suit we reviewed fit me like a glove – but – it was slightly tight when I first tried it on dry. The key would seem to be if its slightly tight thats the size to go for as the super stretch neoprene loosens up when it gets wet.

Its a nice suit to put on, and sooo much easier to put on than a winter suit! because its just that bit thinner. Unlike some suits I have tried there are no areas of the suit that seem to have an odd shape – anatomically its a good shape. One thing to note is the neck seal / antiflush system. It took me a few session to get this right, and whilst this wasnt right I did get some water down my back – my fault tho. Once I got this done up as it needs (Well got my surf buddie to do it for me!) to be it was ideal, even after taking a few nasty close outs on the head, it was still keeping me warm and dry.

Its nice and flexable which after the winter suit, is such a nice feeling. Almost as good as a summer suit; it makes so much difference to your freedom and movement, its almost as good as getting into your summer suit but with the warmth!

The surfs I had in this suit were quite windy, and the front water proof patch keeps the wind from chilling your core, which is usually the beginning of the end as far as getting cold is concerned. I was a little worried about getting into this after my nice warm winter suit, but was very pleasantly surprised at just how warm I was.

Tiki have also come up with a nice feature – the zip pull has be designed to break! Sounds odd i know, but its all too easy to break a zip slider by yanking on the zip pull. Tiki’s quick snap zip clip pull is designed to break even before the zip does preventing costly repairs. The clip or the pull are easily replaced free of charge.

All in all, i can safely say I would recommend a 4/3 suit to anyone, and I would recommend this TK60 suit also – the price is closer to a summer suit than a winter suit, yet it packs all the features of the big selling winter suits. Its warm, comfortable and as we have re-iterated before, you can forget your in a suit and just concentrate on surfing! If your funds won’t stretch to a 4/3, then this model is also available in a summer 3/2 (and a Ladies version)

As you will know Tiki have been doing surf gear for ages now, and they are a progressive company – always trying to improve, make better, redesign. The TK60 and the whole of the 05/06 range seem to offer great value for money.

Bottom line – top quality suit, feature packed and genuinely good at a terrific price!

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 Press Release

Performance and Warmth: 40 years of surfing in British waters has taught us a thing or two about the demands of cold water surfing. The Flow combines the performance features and anti-flush system of the TK90 with our exclusive Flow printing. If you’re looking for a suit that offers the perfect combination of performance and warmth, then this is the suit for you.



  • 60% Superstretch Espan Construction
  • Superflex 2 Pattern
  • Liquid Sealed Seams
  • Glued and Blindstitched
  • Double Overlocking collar



  • Flow Printing
  • Ultraseal Back System
  • Plush Lined chest
  • Duratex Ergo kneepads
  • Quicksnap Zip clips


Available as a 3/2


RRP: £135.00

Tech Spec