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Alder Evo Mens 3/2

Rip Curl Ultimate Elasto 2 – 3/2 Wetsuit Review

TK90 G2 3/2 Steamer Wetsuit Review

Alder Evo Mens 3/2

June 19th, 2009 No comments

 Those kind people at Alder have given us a Evo, which on paper looks to be a great suit, at great value and it looks great too!

So how does it match up? Well the neoprene certainly has the X factor when it comes to being stretch! When putting the suit on it did feel tight to start with – often the super stretch does, but it wasn’t restrictive tight, and as soon as I hit the water I forgot all about it.

Being a top entry suit mean that water leakage through the neck / back should have been a thing of the past, and it certainly was. The first day I took the suit out was pretty messy, so there was a lot of duck diving and I had to take a number of waves on the head, but the suit held up well, and not once did I get flushed.

Having the aerocore thermal lining was also nice, English summers often dont really last very long, and I was out on a typically windy and wet summers day, but I was kept lovely and warm – not too hot, but just about right for me.

The cuffs and leg holes were also just right, not too tight, not too loose.

As a whole the suit felt very light, and its great to get back into nice light summer conditions where you dont feel like you are being weighed down by 5mm of neoprene like the winter.

Generally it looks a well made well put together suit. Alders wetsuits over the last few years have been getting better and better to the point now where there really isnt much difference between the Alder suits and the more expensive ones.

I really can’t fault this suit, and would definitely recommend it, we’ll keep the review updated with how it fairs over the summer in terms of wear, but if its anything like the suits of the past few years im sure it will wear just fine.

A+++ Another knockout suit at a knockout price!

Below you will find the Alder marketing blurb: 

Alder Evo Mens 3/2

Alder Evo Mens 3/2


Alder Evo Mens 3/2 Sam Boex

Alder Evo Mens 3/2 Sam Boex



If you haven’t tried the Evo, your missing out! No zip on the back means flexible manouvres are easy and using a new neoprene on the shoulder panels raises the bar yet again.

Features include:

100% “X” Stretch Neoprene

100% “Liquid Seal” on seams

“Aerocore” Thermal lining inside the torso

YKK Short chest zip

Unique Seal on the chest opening

Raw Cuffs with “Liquid Seal” strips inside

Pre compressed knee pads

Pre bent knee and arm construction

RRP £170!

Evo Logos

Evo Logos


Rip Curl Ultimate Elasto 2 – 3/2 Wetsuit Review

June 19th, 2009 No comments

How often can you say you are blown away by a wetsuit?

Well for me so far I can say it now – I’m blown away by this suit. The elasto suit just has it all!

I will start with the less important things – the suit looks the business, it’s certainly not overstated, but they have got the balance of style and subtly perfect. This suit looks great.

Now down to details – the suit seems, well certainly straight out of a winter suit, to be very thin, but then it is a 3/2 but the knee pads are nice and thick and padded to prevent a notorious weak spot from manifesting itself.

It’s got a small anti-flush system, a batwing that you hoop over your head to proved a good seal to stop water from leaking in when you’re heading out to sea or duck diving etc. That coupled with the adjustable neck collar actually make the neck seal superb, if you do up the collar properly – which I realised I hadn’t a few times it makes a huge difference, you really won’t get a drop of water down your neck.

As for warmth, the suit fit like a glove with the super stretch neoprene you can get a size which should hug you all over, virtually like a lycra suit! The suit has the rip curl fireskin like inside on the torso area which helps to keep you warm even when the wind is blowing. To date in the warmer water I have not been cold in this suit and I’m sure it’s partly due to the fact it fits so well which in turn is due to the super stretch neoprene.

I won’t lie; it’s a bugger to get into! But again that really is a good sign because it’s a good fit – again we have to emphasise the importance of fit here.

When you are surfing in this suit you might as well be surfing in your birthday suit – its light, extremely flexible, very comfortable, basically it’s all good!

Downsides? A tough one, I never like writing reviews without something to say on the con’s side, but I really struggle with this suit! So far we can’t comment on the longevity of the suit, but it does seem pretty robust and the extra thickness on the knee pads helps this. As for how long you will be able to wear it – it is a thin suit, but then it’s a summer suit, it’s not really rip curl’s fault if our summer suit window is only 3/4 months! Having said that I wouldn’t be surprised if you could carry on with this suit well into October / November plus we don’t all stay in this country for the winter! It’s hard to get off (the suit!) but I don’t feel that’s a real problem point, its far better than a baggy suit that drops off!

All in all when I was wearing this suit I felt the business, it looks good which added confidence, its understated so you don’t feel self conscious, and its so comfortable you can just get on and concentrate on what your in the water for in the first place – SURFING!

Well done Rip Curl – An A++ suit, no hesitation in recommending this whatsoever.

RRP £175.95 but now available at a bargain £123.16 from certain retailers!

If any of you have any comments about this or any of our other suits in our reviews, we would love to hear from you – please just drop us an email @ .



TK90 G2 3/2 Steamer Wetsuit Review

June 19th, 2009 No comments



TK90 G2 3/2 Steamer Wetsuit Cutting Edge Performance ’06 by Tiki Wetsuits


The Tiki R&D department have pulled out all the stops to bring you this high performance product. 
Constructed almost entirely from Superstretch Espan Extend neoprene and featuring all the latest in Neoprene Garment Technology, the TK90 Generation2 is a cutting edge product from Britain’s best wetsuit manufacturer





  • 90% Superstretch Espan Construction
  • Superflex 2 Pattern
  • Liquid Sealed Seams
  • Glued and Blindstitched
  • Double Overlocking collar



  • Water Repellent Coating
  • Ultraseal Back System
  • Plush Lined chest
  • Duratex Ergo kneepads
  • Quicksnap Zip clips



RRP: £159.00