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Pease, We Need Full UV Protection All Year Round!



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Pease, We Need Full UV Protection All Year Round!

August 21st, 2009 No comments

Pease, We Need Full UV Protection All Year Round!

Surfers Against Sewage call for year-round protection for Pease Bay surfers

This year, Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) asked all UK water companies if they had any plans to reduce their sewage treatment outside the bathing season (May – September). Outside the bathing season is usually the best period for surf in the UK and reducing sewage treatment increases the health risks for surfers and waveriders.

When SAS asked Scottish Water if they planned to reduce their sewage treatment, thus increasing the health risk to surfers and waveriders, they replied with “It is not a question of switching off treatment outside the bathing season, but rather switching on extra treatment during it”. Just how stupid do they think we are?

Pease Bay is one of the places Scottish Water plan to reduce the levels of sewage treatment outside the bathing season. It is also one of Scotland’s most popular surfing breaks, consistently producing its best surf from September to April, and therefore is most heavily used outside the bathing season.

We therefore call on the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) to immediately revise the Water Use License so that tertiary level treatment remains an all year-round process for Cove STW, until such time that it is shown that recreational water users do not suffer a reduced threat to their health from turning off the UV-light disinfection process here, or it is found that recreational water user numbers are not using this beach in significant numbers on a regular basis outside the bathing season.

SAS applaud water companies all over the UK who are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, however, this cannot come at the cost of increased health risks for surfers and waveriders. SAS are calling on water companies to generate clean and sustainable energy through their sewage treatment process and embrace new technologies that will allow them to harness more of this energy and increase efficiency.

In 2008, SAS successful campaigned against Northumbrian Water reducing their levels of treatment outside the bathing season and as a result the Environment Agency (EA) has ruled that water companies must prove an absence of water users and impact on water quality before they can switch off the treatment. SAS believe this sets a strong precedent and believes that SEPA should provide the Scottish public with the same levels of protection.

If you plan to use Pease Bay outside the bathing season please sign our petition. This will help SAS to demonstrate to SEPA that Pease Bay is well used outside the bathing season and a significant number of water users are being put at risk from Scottish Water’s actions.

Sign the petition here


August 7th, 2009 No comments

Surfers Against Sewage’s (SAS) Making Beaches Barefoot Friendly tour was a great success, eclipsing last year’s fantastic effort. With the help of 600 SAS supporters we removed more than 2 tonnes of litter from the 6 beaches we visited, including:

  • Newquay, (Fistral’s South end) on 29th July
  • Croyde (Baggy Point End) on 30th July
  • Bournemouth (By Bournemouth Pier) on 31st July
  • Llangennith (Hill End Campsite) on 1st August
  • Saltburn-by-Sea (By the pier) on 2nd August
  • Brighton (Yellow Wave, Madeira Drive) on 3rd August

Regional round ups:

NEWQUAY was hit by torrential rain, but over 40 volunteers picked up over 160kgs of litter. We even found a shopping trolley! Everyone was drenched but spirits were high and the effort was appreciated.

CROYDE was sunny and thanks to the local surf club, our local SAS Rep Mikey Corker of Loose Fit Surf Shop and Surf South West Surf School, was the best attended with over 250 beach cleaners. Even though Croyde is cleaned regularly our army of supporters found paving slabs, cookers and lots of broken glass as well as the usually plethora of plastics. More than 500kgs were collected.

BOURNEMOUTH, as was the case last year, was full of cigarette butts. Cigarette butts take 15 years to break down as they are made from 12,000 plastic fibres. 1 cigarette butt can pollute 3 litres of seawater. The 40 volunteers only picked up 65kgs but we removed thousands upon thousands of cigarette butts during the clean

LLANGENNITH was where we picked up the most litter. Just under 100 volunteers picked up over 800kgs of rubbish, including 3 car wheels and a burnt lump of fishing net that was too heavy to be weighed! As with all the beaches, the majority of the marine litter was plastics.

SALTBURN had the keenest volunteers with young and old rolling up their sleeves. A special thanks to Nick Noble for promoting the event locally. We found 4 syringes and lots of cotton buds on Saltburn, a worrying sign off a recent raw sewage spill, probably associated with the recent heavy rainfall. Again there were several car tyres and even half a tractor tyre that contributed to 486kgs collected by 100 volunteers.

BRIGHTON is a deceptive beach, as it’s mostly pebbles the litter is harder to see. But we still found bags of it. Again loads of cotton bud sticks and beach-users litter. We even found Nemo (a toy clown fish).

The 2009 SAS Making Beaches Barefoot Friendly tour built on the success of last year’s efforts. It’s a great day where we can offer everyone the opportunity to engage with and protect an environment they care about.

Andy Cummins, campaign officer, SAS, said “It was a great achievement collecting over 2 tonnes of litter from the 6 beaches we visited. The majority of the 2 tonnes was plastics, and if we hadn’t removed it from the beach it would never have truly broken down in the environment. These beaches weren’t chosen because they are especially dirty, they were chosen because they are average beaches and we could collect similar levels of litter from beaches all over the country. They were also chosen because they had a strong community to help SAS with the clean up, and at every beach clean the locals did themselves proud!”

The beach cleans were followed by a delicious, free BBQ on the beach for all volunteers organised by Barefoot. And after the BBQ volunteers, friends and family enjoyed an evening of fun surf quizzes and free Barefoot wine.


July 10th, 2009 No comments

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) has once again teamed up with Barefoot wine for their nationwide beach clean-up tour this summer. The SAS team will visit 6 beaches around the UK and everyone’s welcome to help*.SAS Beach Clean

Whether you’re a part of the local community or you just fancy rolling up your sleeves and getting involved, SAS and Barefoot need your help make our British beaches ‘Barefoot Friendly’.

This year the SAS Barefoot Friendly Beach Cleaning Tour will be visiting:

  • Newquay on 29th July
  • Croyde on 30th July
  • Bournemouth on 31st July
  • Llangennith on 1st August
  • Saltburn-by-Sea on 2nd August
  • Brighton on 3rd August

The 2009 campaign builds on the successes of last year’s SAS Barefoot Friendly tour efforts where over 400 people took part to help remove over 1 tonne of litter from the British coastline.SAS Beach Clean

Starting at 3pm, the afternoon clean-up sessions will kick off with a full introduction and briefing from the respected eco-campaigners at SAS. Each volunteer will then be given gloves and a rubbish bag and the marine litter-picking will commence. All volunteers need bring is suitable clothing for the weather.

The clean-up will be followed by a delicious, free BBQ on the beach for all volunteers from 5pm until 6pm organised by Barefoot. For those who want to stay on afterwards, volunteers, friends and family can enjoy an evening of fun surf quizzes and free Barefoot wine from 6.30pm.

The quiz will take place at the following venues:SAS Beach Clean

  • Newquay: The Windswept Cafe on South Fistral Beach
  • Croyde: The Manor, St Mary’s Road
  • Bournemouth: Bar Vin, Old Christchurch Rd
  • Llangennith: King’s Head Hotel
  • Saltburn-by-Sea: Community Room, Foreshore, Lower Promenade
  • Barefoot Bar, NIVEA SUN Yellowave Beach Sports Venue, Madeira Drive, Brighton

There are limited spaces for each tour stop, so please book early to secure your free place. For more information about the campaign and to sign up, please contact Andy Cummins at SAS on 01872 555950 or Alternatively write to Andy Cummins, SAS Unit 2, Wheal Kitty Workshops, St Agnes, Cornwall, TR5 0RD